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Sherry Harris Blue



Foundation for Fortitude

Community Champion

Sherry Harris Blue: Memorial Statement

As the Jacksonville community has learned, our Founder and revered leader, Sherry H. Blue passed away unexpectedly. Our hearts are still trying to process a future without her. It is unimaginable that such a treasured and respected pillar in our community has been lost to us. No words could ever convey and fully explain this remarkable business and philanthropic centered woman. A great void has been left in our community and deep within our hearts.

We have in the past few days become even more aware of the fact that Sherry left her mark in hearts and dreams far beyond what most humans could dream of touching. The outpouring of love and compassion has been welcomed and we have treasured each voice that has shared with us the impact she had on their lives. No doubt, her family finds comfort in your reverence as well.

She was the ultimate game changer in our community, her beloved hometown of Jacksonville.

Her entrepreneurship is well-known. She embodied the role model of the ultimate successful woman. To have had her ear was worth years in a business program at a prestigious university. For those that did receive her encouragement and her advice, we encourage you to heed it well for it will carry you to success. Do as she instructed and make it happen.

Sherry gave much. Her list of philanthropic efforts included leadership roles in both national and local organizations. One of the things she emphasized with all the young women of Foundation for Fortitude was that she wanted them to learn to positively impact their community. Outreach projects the college women participated in were meant to spark a fire that they would carry with them long into their lives and share with others. It is said that great leaders are those that create other great leaders. Through our charity and in her workings in other organizations, as well as her mentoring of individuals, she lifted others to find greatness – “To be more, so you can do more for others.”

When great ones leave us, we seek to immortalize them so the world will always know them. It was always evident to us, but others have taken notice of the fact and should not be surprised that Sherry paved the way for her legacy. Foundation for Fortitude is her legacy. It was not a simple task to invest in her family and friends, successfully grow multiple businesses, say yes to meaningful and important philanthropic leadership roles, and yet also start a charity organization from scratch. She made it look simple, but great ones do.

She built the organization to impact young minority women needing support to accomplish their dreams and goals. Through scholarships, mentoring, individual guidance, educational programs, and intentional opportunities she envisioned young women gaining college degrees and going out into the world to have positive impacts on their families, their future families, those they would encounter in their career choices, and in their communities. It was, as she saw it, that Foundation for Fortitude would be the start of a ripple in a still pond that would carry outward and become waves of hope and goodness.

Because she had a focused vision for the future of Foundation for Fortitude, and because she was passionate about the impact it would have, she put the best of herself into the organization. She placed trusted individuals at the helm of the charity. She sought the best and most knowledgeable leaders and role models for the advisory boards and mentoring programs. She left nothing to chance, no preparations undone, no goal unplanned, and her vision with her team clear. Foundation for Fortitude would thrive, it would grow, it would be her indelible legacy of working toward the greater good.

We are committed to following all that Sherry H. Blue mapped for us. We hear her voice in our hearts encouraging us that she has set the way for us and we have only to follow her lead. Our love for her and our gratitude for her presence in our lives has fueled us beyond words.

Our founder, our leader, our friend, Sherry H. Blue entrusted us and we will do her proud. She breathed life into Foundation for Fortitude. It was her that started the ripple and they will multiply one upon another to impact young women, our community, and the world.

It is with great confidence and determination in Sherry’s vision that we ask you to be a game changer in a young college woman’s life and support Foundation for Fortitude. Help us lead her legacy into the future.

Her smile, her laughter, her wisdom, her kindness, her focus, her leadership, her strength, her support, and her love will never fade in our hearts or memories. Let her be the standard that you strive to be each and every day, and if we do, the world will indeed be for all of us what Sherry always knew it could be.

  -Foundation for Fortitude

     August 2018

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