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Foundation for Fortitude 2019

Future Ultimate Successful Women

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MIH-838 worked cropped watermarked Asiah


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Sherry H. Blue Spirit Scholarship Award Winner

Not Pictured - Shantell

Highlights from 2018-2019

Discovery Weekend Retreat

Community Outreach Project

2019 Community Outreach Project work.jpg

Every year the young women of F3 are treated to a professional makeover. It is a part of the preparation for their career lives as they learn how to groom, dress, and converse for success. It had such an impact on the college women this year that they choose a very heartfelt and empowering Community Outreach Project. 

During the local Jacksonville prom season, the young women offered their time and effort to young girls of two local high schools and shared what they learned about having a professional makeover.

They assisted the high school girls with hair, nails, makeup, and dressing for their memorable event. It was truly special as it was giving back and a wonderful example of women helping women feel more empowered, confident, and supported. 

Deemed a great success by the F3 college women and those they helped, much was learned, much was shared, and it certainly was a life lesson that will be long remembered and most likely spark a habit of seeking to give back to their communities as Ultimate Successful Women should.

And The Year Ends...

as Their Journey Continues.

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